Organisation of EnmonGroup

Organisation of Enmon Group

ENMON GROUP is a leader in its field and as such it has become a giant not only in Serbia, but in the entire region as well. The very company, as the regional giant, is divided into sectors in order to improve its operations and to bring it closer to its clients in the best possible way

The Company ENMON GROUP consists of the following sectors:
- Commercial Sector ( Import/Export, Wholesale, Retail, Production and Storage)
- Quality Sector
- Financial Sector
- Accounting Sector
- Legal Sector
- Investments Sector
- Marketing Sector
- Transport Sector
- - IT Sector
Enmon Company employs over 900 workers of various profiles, nourishes good team atmosphere, cooperation and friendly relations based on mutual respect and fulfilment of work tasks. We support good ideas and we always strive to improve business processes since we are all links in the same chain, and the satisfaction of the client, employees and company management ultimately depends on this.