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ENMON d.o.o.Limited Liability Company involved in trade, import and export of ceramic tiles, granite tiles, sanitary ware, bathroom furniture and accessories. Aside from that, we possess a plant for producing powdered materials which manufactures adhesives for ceramic and granite tiles, grout in all colours, adhesives for polystyrene, siporex and other powder products within the scope of construction industry. For these products we obtained certificates of compliance from the IMS Institute.

Limited Liability Company ENMON d.o.o. was established in 1990 with the seat in Belgrade. Today, the Company has over 800 employees. Following development of market and sales in the region, ENMON Company increased its capacities and expanded its product portfolio. It’s safe to say that ENMON currently has the best, most diverse and most affordable products in Serbia which is evident from an increasing number of regular customers who continuously choose our company for their purchases. Also, since the start we have been cooperating with many well-known construction companies providing them with a whole range of products for furnishing bathrooms and kitchens, both in residential and business premises, as well as in special-purpose facilities. We also possess our own trucks and this enables fast and efficient service to our customers and certainly speeds up and simplifies the work process.